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Business process management (BPM) integration focuses on scenarios that involve interactions between workers and the multiple business applications they rely on to perform their duties. Its goal is to reduce complexity for the business and shield complexity from customers and partners so that you can effectively improve management control, Deliver products or services as expected, manage costs & operations, achieve agility in spite of systemic limitations, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance customer experience. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) gives the business and IT the actionable insight to identify where the existing errors are occurring so they can address them immediately. More importantly, real-time process analytics provide insight into the best areas to improve.

QualitrolTech works with you to efficiently analyze, design, and implement complete business process management integration solutions and to achieve full BPM potential, which include:

    • Select right BMP/BAM tools and components in align with your business need
    • Bring the knowledge of the collective enterprise order to ensure processes are managed end-to-end
    • Our focus on agile development, project management, and key BPM enablers such as SOA
    • Develop BPM governance processes to assure BPM success
    • Define concrete objectives and metrics for your BPM/BAM solution
    • Use process modeling to document your existing processes
    • Run simulations to reduce risk by proactively identifying unanticipated consequences that could affect BPM/BAM success
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