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Enterprise Applications Practice

One of the key aspects of our Technology Services involves supporting our clients' business needs through integration of off-the-shelf applications in functional areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management, and Package/Custom Solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

QualitrolTech has unparalleled experience in implementing the entire ERP suite from SAP, Oracle Applications, and PeopleSoft/JDE. ERP implementation involves many interrelated decisions concerning the development of new strategies and objectives, the redesign of business processes, and the reshaping of roles and skills of the people who are involved in those processes. QualitrolTech uses a comprehensive suite of services and tools that are complementary to the implementation methodology, speeding your implementation and keeping it focused on your business objectives. QualitrolTech will guide you through all the vital issues that must be addressed at each phase of the implementation process.

    • Program and Project Management
    • Business Process Analysis and Reengineering
    • Business Requirements Definition.
    • Blueprinting and System Configuration
    • System Customizations
    • Integration Testing
    • Interface Design and Development
    • Training, System Administration.

QualitrolTech's ERP solutions will help you create a new future with global vision in today's economy. Such depth is crucial in effectively handling large-scale global implementations and follow-up upgrades. It helps in leveraging deep industry expertise, dedicated professionals and proven methodologies.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

QualitrolTech has deep CRM experience surrounding CRM/Siebel/Clarify integrations and implementations in large complex enterprise environments. We have experienced and very talented group of individuals who have successfully implemented leading CRM tools like Siebel, Clarify, and other CRM packages. QualitrolTech provides deep EAI and Business Process skill sets to effectively deliver Siebel, Clarify, and other CRM packages into an enterprise environment. Some examples include:

    • CRM Assessment Services
    • CRM Project Estimation Modeling in the Enterprise
    • Architectural and Functional Roadmaps
    • Systems and Business Process Reengineering
    • Call Center Optimization
    • Incremental/Delivery CRM Program Management

QualitrolTech will work closely with your staff to take advantage of what the Siebel product will do well, and, frankly, will not do well, as pertains to your enterprise environment. Further, we will be your "Trusted Advisor" during the entire process and keep the integrity of your overall enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Content Management (CM)

To improve business productivity and provide a most compelling end-user experience, many companies are either implementing for the first time or upgrading their current content management systems. Whether it is for records and document management, web content management, e-learning, or knowledge management a good content management system enables you to move away from manual and outdated processes to more productive, lower cost, revenue-generating business practices and richer end-user experiences. As the complexity, amount, and value of the content to be managed grows, so does the need for a solid content management system.

QualitrolTech can help improve your business by implementing a new content management solution. We work with you to understand where your costly trouble points are and help you develop a solution to alleviate the pain. For example, if you're challenged to keep your company's web portals current through manual means, we can help you move all of your content into a content management system where the aging and refreshing of content is done automatically. We can also set-up a content editing interface and approval workflow system for you and a team of content editors or approvers to create, edit, review, and approve the content for publishing. The manual process work can be cut to zero and costs can be reduced while the overall productivity of the team is increased. Too, we can enable you to create a more compelling end-user experience through the enhanced support for targeted, personalized content for your customers. This richer user experience can also result in increased revenue from greater and more valued content through enabled site monetization and content management techniques.

A sampling of the content management capabilities that QualitrolTech can bring to your business include:

    • Automation of the ability to age information and subsequently replace it with the most current information
    • The ability to create, edit, review, and approve content for publication
    • The ability to publish and display the content on varied and multiple display devices (e.g., pager, computer)
    • The ability to repurpose content to be displayed on multiple and highly varied web portals for different user groups
    • Personalized content experiences targeted to customer segments based on system usage and demographics
    • Integration of your content management system with content and user information generated by your business's CRM or other legacy systems for customer records and billing
    • The ability to accept content from your business partners and vendors (e.g., digital design house documents, reseller positioning content, vendor white papers and specifications)
    • Dynamic web site page creation based on customer profiles and default behaviors
    • Management of content that may be provided by a great number and variety of end-users including employees, resellers, or other vendor partners
    • Complete traceability of content as it moves through its lifecycle

QualitrolTech has selected several CM products for customers based on the their business size. These products include Documentum, Trim, Saffron, and Ebikko.

Business Intelligence (BI)

In today’s market place, the fundamental basis for competition is to execute business strategy with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and to make smartest decision possible. BI and analytic capability has become a source of competitive advantage.

After investing considerable energy in building an ERP application foundation, many companies are eager to harvest greater value from their IT assets. They want to transform disparate data and reports into information with high business value that can help achieve and sustain high performance. Improving their business intelligence environments has become pivotal in this effort.
QualitrolTech has helped customers to improve analytic capability with their existing ERP BI investment. Based on client defined competitive distinctions, our service assesses current reporting functions, identifies critical business patterns and trends, implies models, and helps to implement new analytic process to achieve higher level analytic capability: from ad-hoc reporting to fact-based decision making, and to achieve high business performance.


Package and Custom Solutions

The exploding commercial application market offers many package options and for the uninitiated, it is difficult to determine which package provides the best fit for the enterprise's needs. Compounding the complexity is the speed at which application choices must be made to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. Application costs are staggering, and choosing the wrong tool could prove to be a disastrous mistake for most companies. Only 10% of vendor package implementations yield a return on investment. QualitrolTech will perform:

    • An analysis of your business needs
    • A determination of the project's scope
    • A compilation of client requirements
    • Education of stakeholders
    • Consultation on package selection
    • The necessary customization
    • Implementation of the solution

As consultants, we maintain a vendor-neutral position to ensure that you buy the application that best meets your unique needs. Our combined years of experience allow us to act as the trusted advisor on your behalf.

QualitrolTech's approach for custom solution is to build custom applications that fill in the gaps of COTS and legacy applications. We emphasize customizing and enhancing systems with custom development where it can create a competitive advantage for our clients.

    • SOA Strategy - Pulling Together an SOA Strategy that is Executable
    • Vendor Evaluation - Will Vendors Really Do SOA?
    • SOA Internal Assessment - Getting Your Organization Ready for SOA
    • SOA Implementation Services - Executable Roadmap that Delivers Incrementally for the Business
    • SOA Governance - Assess and define governance model, rules, standards, principles, process, and policies. Deploy and configure management solution, provide guideline to monitor and manage services and processes on the on-going basis
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