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QualitrolTech views outsourcing as a strategic imperative, that is, looking to it not only for functional improvement and an increase in that function's contribution toward company performance, but also looking at outsourcing as a means of creating new and lasting business value. Outsourcing allows an organization to leverage technology-related assets or business process expertise for strategic, proactive market advantage. Our clients realize the value of concentrating their efforts on what they do best, and the benefits that come with outsourcing the rest to QualitrolTech.
Advantages accrue to companies that focus on core competencies and outsource the rest, including:

    • Maximization of returns on internal resources by concentrating investments and energies on what the enterprise does best
    • Protection of strategic advantage because well-developed core competencies provide formidable barriers against present and future competitors.
    • Full utilization of external suppliers' investments, innovations, and specialized professional capabilities.
    • Decrease in risks, shortened cycle times, lowered investments, and creation of better responsiveness to customer needs.

We provide a variety of Outsourcing services:

    • Integration/Application Management Outsourcing - the management of integration and applications for our clients on an ongoing basis. The integration may be B2B, EAI, workflow, BPM. The applications may be ERP, CRM, CM or other package software, or custom-built systems. We install new releases, provide bug fixes, modifications, upgrade, help desk and related services. We provide AMO services through our global network of Application Support Centers.
    • Information Technology Outsourcing - combines integration and application management. We, in effect, become our client's IT department.
    • Offshore Development - development of BPM, CAF, EAI, B2B, application and ERP interfaces, conversions, reports, enhancements and functional configurations at our Application Support Centers.
    • Remote Support Services - Working closely with integration and application software vendors, QualitrolTech introduces the Remote Support Service (RSS), focusing on the fast-growing business use of application outsourcing. In addition to obtaining ongoing operating support without the need to continuously invest in additional infrastructure and people, customers of RSS can initiate electronic business strategies and concentrate on their main business operation in a shorter time frame with much less capital expense.
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