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On Demand Remote Services
Offshore Development and Service

      QualitrolTech provides a variety of services in advisory, implementation, and support levels to help with integration technologies and software adoption, utilization, and optimization. These services cover area of

  • webMethods strategy and architecture
  • webMethods Upgrade
  • B2B integration: EDI conversion, RossettaNet, etc.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • SOA and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Integration monitoring, support, and optimization
  • Readiness and lifecycle assessment
  • ROI analysis and architecture roadmap
  • Edge side data capture, computing, and analysis
  • Edge-to-cloud integration
  • Cloud side BI, ML modeling, trend analysis & fault detection
  • Device and equipment management
  • Facility management framework
  • Project experiences in smart building, logistics, and green energy
      Cloud and Hybrid Integration
  • Integration solutions to popular SaaS apps, on-premises apps, and custom apps
  • Custom integration and app services hosting
  • Services and microservices strategy and development
  • Integration platform migration to cloud - strategy and impelmentation
  • Best of breed open source solutions to suit custom needs
  • Enterprise Process Integration
  • B2B Integration
  • Integration Infrastructure Service
  • Integration Toolkits
  • BI Analytic Capacity Improvement
  • BI Implementation
  • BI Technology
      On Demand Remote Services
  • Architecture & Infrastructure Design
  • Architecture Review & Assessment
  • Upgrade Assessment & Planning
  • SOA Registry/Repository and Governance Strategy and Implementation
  • BMP Analysis and Planning
  • Performance Assessment & Management
  • Project Plan Assessment & Design Review
  • Specialty Areas for Architecture and Review
      Offshore Development and Service
  • Integration development
    • B2B integration development and testing - EDI, Rosettanet, Uccnet, XML
    • EAI integration development - SAP, Oracle application, Mainframe
    • Custom adapter development
    • BPM development - Business process modeling, workflow application
  • Content Management development
  • Application development
    • Composite application development
    • Web application and end-user application development - Portal GUI, JSP, JSF, J2EE, JBoss
    • Data and process analysis and report - ETL, data mining
  • Upgrade Enhancement
    • Composite Integration platform upgrade, B2B, EAI, BPM, Workflow, from old version to new version
    • Re-factor, improve functionalities, performance, availabilities, visibility
  • Platform consolidation and conversion
    • EDI conversion from one platform or translation engine to another
    • Backend ERP conversion integration
  • Around the Clock Testing
    • Develop automated test scripts
    • Test execution
    • Result analysis
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